Student Enjoyment

For students recreation PISC offers a wide variety of programs for students that promote wellness and enhance lifelong skills. Students have fun, develop balance in their social interactions, increase their self-esteem, gain new experiences, learn to plan and set goals, increase their awareness of leisure resources, and develop culturally and emotionally. We arrange programs like

  • 1. Fruit Festival: Fresh Fruit Festival is celebrated every year in the school premise to introduce children with different kinds of local and foreign fruits and to tell the students that the healthy way of living is eating fruits.

  • 2. International mother language day: International Mother Language Day is celebrated every year on 21st February. The main purpose of celebrating this day is to promote the awareness of language and cultural diversity as well as informing our young generation about our glorious history.

  • 3. Independence Day: Seeking freedom from the oppressing Pakistani attacking force Bangladeshi people jumped to gain their independence on 26th march 1971. We celebrate the day with a purpose of informing our young generation about our glorious history.

  • 4. Victory day: After a long nine months of armed struggle, sacrificing a lot of lives and huge bloodshed, valiant Bengalis claimed the victory on 16th December. This very day is observed by our little innocent kids.

  • 5. Sports day: every year we have our annual sports. To ensure each students sound health and mind the program is organized. The event isenclosed with a prize giving ceremony.

  • 6. Picnic: another part of recreation is picnic where students have fun all the day outside the school with family and school faculty.

  • 7. Cultural program: Every solvent school celebrates it annual cultural week every year. Different programs are arranged on this day like singing, dancing, drama poem recitation etc.