Qualified trained teacher

In our country, where approximately 60% of public school teachers have never received any formal training, PISC’s 3T programme has filled a very important need for a group of 100 local teachers, drawn from fifteen local schools. The philosophy behind 3T is based on the sharing of best practices in teaching. Lead by a team of fifteen ISD teachers, we conduct five full day workshop programmes each year. With sponsorship from Dhaka North Rotary Club, participants receive free transport, meals and materials that they can use in their own classrooms. To ensure the sustainability of the programme, local teachers have been progressively trained to conduct their own workshops. A series of five, Train the Trainer sessions are also conducted each year and this is resulting in more responsibility in maintaining the programme being handed back to the local teachers. During 2012, we have trained a team of eight regular workshop leaders from our local schools and they are leading the way for their colleagues. Workshops are offered in leadership, computer use, language, mathematics and a variety of other practical teaching strategies.

Each year this programme grows. We believe, currently 350 students in local schools are benefitting from the learning their teachers are involved in.