Health Care

The PISC Healthy Eating & Living Programme (HELP) is based on a comprehensive school health approach focusing on promoting and supporting the creation and maintenance of a healthy school environment where students learn how to develop a healthy lifestyle for life.

The programme emphasizes SMART CHOICES encouraging students to accept responsibility for their own health and the decisions they can make on a daily basis. Informed decision making is integral to becoming a responsible global citizen which is a key element of our school's mission.


Our HELP Team, work diligently with the Principal Dietician from health specialist to balance many aspects of menu planning: cost, preparation for 800 meals and snacks daily, storage, seasonal availability, offering choices within Healthy Food Guidelines; to providing healthy meals that are acceptable to our community which means catering for international tastes as well as Bangladesh. In addition, we try to source safe, fresh foods locally that not only taste good, but also are lower in fats and sodium. Each day we provide a vegetarian option.